The Muscle Maximizer Review: What to Expect from This Muscle Building Program

There are tons of fitness and nutrition programs that claim to be effective in helping people lose weight and build muscles. One of these programs is the Muscle Maximizer by muscle building expert Kyle Leon. What can you expect from this muscle building program and more importantly, is it effective?  Find out in this the Muscle Maximizer review.

The Muscle Maximizer Review

An international best selling fitness author, Leon lends his expertise in this online program that lays down the secrets and techniques to quickly and easily build lean muscles in as short as nine weeks. At the very least, the program promises to give 10 pounds of lean muscle men to men who would try it.

Three-Phase Approach

It takes a three phase, customized approach in promoting lean muscle growth. The first phase is by tailoring a nutritional plan suited for the person, taking into consideration variables like height, weight, age, body type and workout schedule.

In the nutrition plan, calories and macronutrients are allocated throughout the day to complement the customized training program of the exerciser. During non-workout days, the nutrition plan emphasizes on foods that promote muscle repair and recovery such as fruits.

The second and third phases are the customized weight training and cardiovascular fitness programs. Like the nutrition plan, the program recommends exercises that are appropriate to the person taking into account his age, weight, height, and body type.

Throughout the program, individuals can learn various techniques and concepts like calorie and macronutrient requirements for specific body types, post-workout shakes, amount of time needed for the muscles to recover after workouts, among others.


The online program has numerous advantages. Anyone who’s eager to build lean muscles quickly would love that this is a digital product that can be downloaded online. After paying the fee, users can download the e-book in PDF format, or view the videos online.  The e-book and videos can be viewed on all computers, smartphones and tablets.  Since everything is digital, you can view the e-book or videos anytime you want.

The fee is very minimal at $47.  It’s hard to find a fitness program that is as inexpensive as this one.

In terms of success rate, a lot of online testimonials prove that the program has a high success rate. Most of the online reviewers say they were able to build muscles in as short as nine weeks. Other reviewers say they were able to lose some body fat and avoid injuries after following the program.


One major downside of the program is that the foods being recommended in the nutritional component can be quite pricey. Likewise, some of the foods need to be prepared by the individual which may not sit well to those who lack time because of their busy schedules.


The Muscle Maximizer is well-rated by many online reviews, and this only proves how effective it is in assisting men to have well-sculpted bodies. As any Muscle Maximizer review would underscore, as long as you follow the program, you should be able to have lean muscles after a few months.